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Sign up for Fund Development Coaching Sessions

If you are new to the world of fundraising, ready to diversify your fund development programs, unsure of how to leverage the latest fundraising trends, or could use a little guidance with identifying -- and maximizing -- grant and sponsorship opportunities, EVA Consulting's Fund Development Coaching can help.

Coaching sessions are ideal for nonprofit professionals who have the time, interest and personnel to invest in fundraising tasks, but not as much knowledge or experience to comfortably implement steps to move their efforts forward.

We are committed to keeping up with current industry trends and best practices and we have a passion for supporting small and mid-sized organizations. Our resident fund development strategist has helped nearly 100 nonprofits and social enterprises simplify, solidify and sustain their fundraising efforts.

Sign up for coaching sessions below to put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.

Choose the frequency that works best for your schedule and your goals.

  • Best Value

    Weekly Coaching

    Every month
    Ideal for nonprofit leaders who are new to fund development
    • Four sessions per month with a fund development strategist
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching

    Every month
    Perfect for fundraisers exploring new areas of development
    • Two sessions per month with a fund development strategist
  • Monthly Coaching

    Every month
    Beneficial for fundraisers who want help staying on track
    • One session per month with a fund development strategist

GAin insight

Coaching sessions are tailored to meet the  individual needs of your organization.

Improve Donor Relations

Learn to cultivate meaningful engagements with donors, funders, and board members.

Seize Opportunities

Explore applicable best practices for overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities.

Invest in Yourself

Build skills that propel your career further for a fraction of the cost of executive business coaching.

Not quite in a position to maximize one-on-one coaching sessions? Consider our consulting or freelance services to help with managing effective fund development initiatives.
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