Where others see problems,

we see opportunities.

Whether you aspire to impact the world or to improve your community (through apps, services, programs or products), you need people on your team who understand your passion, speak your language and share your vision.

That's us.

EVA Consulting provides business development, marketing and fundraising guidance and support to organizations who are committed to making the world a better place.


All of our consultants have 10+ years of experience helping nonprofits, startups and small businesses fulfill their missions and reach their goals.

EVA Consulting specializes in developing, implementing and evaluating strategies for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises.

Our mission is to help you fulfill your mission.

It's great to have access to this level of expertise in all things nonprofit. I don't know how we would have reached our goals without you.

—Toni, CEO | Houston TX

Let us help you enhance and improve organizational effectiveness, engage with audiences and connect with supporters.


To be successful, mission-focused organizations must demonstrate fiscal responsibility, transparency, understanding of needs and impactfulness.

EVA provides the expert guidance and support needed at every stage of development and growth. We partner with our clients to develop plans and solutions with clear goals, timelines, milestones and key outcomes.

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Because doing more with less is not synonymous with doing everything on your own.